With Rictavio's back to the wall and hat on the floor, his true identity is revealed. How can Rictavio help the adventurers, and what does this mean for the battle ahead with Strahd?

A quick change of plans means training for Ireena starts today! An excited Esmerelda directs the crew to a suspicious carnival wagon parked at the Vallaki stockyard.

The news is broken to Ireena and the anguish of what to do with Ismark's body sets in when there seems to be no obvious way forward.

With the Abbot on their side and with plans for building an army going smoothly, it was only a matter of time before Barovia (and Strahd) pushed back. Grab your tissues, this is a rough one.

The return to Krezk sees many changes underway since their last visit weeks ago. A journey up to the Abbey reveals that the Abbot hasn't been completely truthful.

It's the moment you've all been waiting for: Valakki 2022. Join us at the Blue Water Inn for a politically charged, ballot counting, bonanza!

The rain doesn't let up as the team venture back to Vallaki. With destroying Strahd on their mind, conversations with Father Lucien, Ireena, Ismark, Kasimir, and Patrina lead to clear paths forward.

After solidifying the plans for the day, the crew need to "prove their power" against some potential allies.

With the promise of the building of an undead army, the adventurers get to work on planning their next steps. Armies for all!

The only thing between the adventurers and their goal are the three Revenants that have been pursuing them every step since their first encounter... and now you look at it... will this skull even fit where it's meant to go?

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